miles apart
You whispered sweetness in my ear in a language you denied the romance of.
You said i stole your soul, left you broken,
For we were not made for each other.
How do you know?
What is fate but a series of choices towards happiness
Or desire?
An aching hole left despite seas and “si”s
How can I love you
I am mute in your presence
I cannot reach you face to face , my words stumble across keystrokes, copy paste, google translate a lackluster matchmaker, cold to the crackling fissures of misunderstanding.

I whispered your words aloud, straining to comprehend the foreign vowels rolling across my tastebuds, parsing sounds. words cluster this way and that, straining to hear similes from the slang you give me
You say you are made for the spirit, not of this flesh
So why did you tell me you loved me that night
Held my body close, laying claim to my soul
The windows rattled for hours and every room in the house sighed our names.

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