We are the greatest Frenemy

We are the greatest Frenemy.

“American Exceptionalism”
I have it too, on the surface
When I have to think about it

Leading this trip across SE Asia.
Indochina, we once called it,
that green forest on the map between India and China,
unknowable in its own right

Unfathomably bloodied from American Exceptionalism,
Still working on making bootstraps to pull itself up by,
But bootstraps account for 90% of exports.
I guess US “support” wasn’t really supportive:

(Support of pro-Western leaders regardless
of the desires of the people.
Support of anti-communist leaders regardless
of moral fitness)

Support of weakened and dependent nation-states in the Pacific Theater.
Now Playing: With Your Unknown Lives.
You know what they say, knowing is caring and caring is bad business.

Protect and preServe our 1%.
Our bottom line
“No More American Deaths”
Outside of America, that is.
Carry on with the ones inside the border.

We are the Frenemy.

We whisper support to trusting minorities with our fingers crossed behind our backs
Holding out for the bell
Before sudden and complete amnesia strikes and we’ve had asian food once this week already, so find another friend at the lunch table.

Growing and moulding people like gourds in a garden, ready to be plucked and sent anywhere at the smallest justification.

(Thai paratroopers. Hmong paramilitary. Chiang Kai Shek’s anti-communists. Tibetans. Black American infantry.)

Perishable and expendable.
Perishable goods have a Use By date.

I want to save american lives too. But not at the expense of other lives.
Not “Except American-ism.” Not inperilism.

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