Living somewhere

Living somewhere is 80% a frame of mind. I’ve lived places though I’ve been there only two weeks, and I haven’t lived in places where I’ve spent months at a stretch. It’s about wanting to be somewhere, of deciding to “be” there, of investing in relationships and habits in the space where you are.

Right now, I live in Cambodia. I’ve only been there two weeks this time, true, and I’ll be gone with work for two-plus months before I’m back, but it feels like home.

I’ve rented a room in a house with a dope roommate, have a gym membership and am *besties* with some of the trainers, and feel comfortable jetting around the city via motorbike.

What a weird feeling! For most of the last three years, I haven’t had an answer to the question “where do you live?” I would reply here-and-there, or say where I’m originally from, or that I crash at my mom’s house when I’m not in asia. But I haven’t really lived anywhere since China, anyways, almost 3 years ago now. In that mostly-nomadic time since my college graduation, I’ve learned so much about myself through transience. From China I learned that outdoor space can be personal space; you can nap anywhere; and temples are a great place for some mental alone-time even when surrounded by people. From nomadic mongolia I learned the true importance of making every possession “do work.” From living in hostels and bungalows across southeast asia I learned to pack and repack constantly, streamlining the process and managing organization in the midst of chaos.

And it is with these nomadic skills honed, my possessions slimmed to the mostly-necessary, that I am excited to indulge in the act of hanging clothes in a wardrobe, of making or not making my bed and having it stay that way, of putting a buddha and incense in a small corner of the room that will be mine for _____. Even nomads stay in one place for a little while. My place, for now, is on a quiet red-dirt track off of National Road 6 just a few minutes from the temples of Angkor. Come and visit! I hope to stay a while.

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