For Fear Of

For Fear Of

How many lives have been needlessly squashed in the dirt for fear of

The Other
Different foods, clothes, customs
Where I lay my head is home but where you lay your head is
Palates on the color wheel covering the same tongue
One or two

One heart
Blood red or blue

How many chances have I held in my fingertips, running their unmade reels across the insides of my eyelids
As their paper-thin birth certificates slide soundlessly through to the dustbin of history below

Some of these caves hold ten thousands more
Glasses take years to decompose;
Bodies faster;
Ethics faster still

How many times will I let myself die

For fear

Of the other

There is

Each human face anchors me.

Draws a silken thread to fill in the web a bit more.

Alone, we are fragile; together, strong–

that first lesson after death.

I travel because to live is to know life.

To learn as much as we can from every angle of our Human face

and with this knowing, rejoice in our difference like an endless table of flavors spread out before us.

“Universal Truths”

A white man’s existential crisis

Thrown into relief as the complexities of culture pass in front of the first flame

In a cathedral in England, probably,

Though the silent bones in a hundred frozen tussocks would beg to differ.

Nuance flickers more starkly in the cave of knowledge. Throw these “universal truths” to the ground and start again,

only This time our humanity is the drawing board.

Wake up

to news of an explosion in bangkok, a wedding in peru, a woman finally educated on family planning in myanmar. These people’s lives tug gently where they anchor in my skull; their hopes and fears and landscapes bob in the waters encircling my mind, carving out the angles of a face.

Strive harder to create representations of all people in the world. We are a young girl nestled in a ger on the steppe. We can find role models and changemakers who look like her, in appearance and in spirit. Draw strength not only from the human qualities which bring us all together but from the sheer possibility for difference, for innovation, for infinite permutations of the human spirit.